Metformin weight loss

Metformin weight loss

Metformin weight loss : Millions of people are trying various diet plans to lose weight. If you are also one among them and want to lose weight, then metformin weight loss diet plan really works for you. If you want to stay physically fit, then try to walk at least for some minutes. It helps you to lose weight and you can also run if you want.

If you have issues with your hips as well as with your feet, then upper body exercises might work well for you. You can go for 1-3 pound dumbbells to achieve your goal.

Majority of the obese people find it difficult to exercise and painful while exercising. But, later it becomes easy as you lose calories.

How soon can you lose your weight?

If you are truly following it, then the best plan will be to shed 10% weight loss within 3  to 4 months and nearly 20 % weight loss in one year. People who do not follow it properly will lose only 5 % weight loss in three to four months and 10 % weight loss in a year.


Motivation plays a key role and helps you to succeed. Note down reasons you are following this program and take a look at them. Take a picture of yourself before starting your weight loss program and keep a reminder, which helps you to know where you are. It also helps you to take a decision where you have to go for help. Seek the help of a professional before starting any plan. If you think your doctor is comfortable and supporting you, then you can take suggestions from your doctor follow all the directions given by your doctor.

Places to find about this program

Countless websites are there on the internet where you can find information related to this weight loss program. You can also find reviews on this program from the people who follow this plan and can also get suggestions from the doctor how to follow the diet plan. If you have determined to shed your excess calories, then you may have to research properly on this weight loss program and approach your doctor .You have to gather complete information on the weight loss program including the side effects that might arise after you start this program. This information helps you take a final decision. If you think it is not a good plan and might not support you to achieve your target, then you can switch to other plan after discussing with your doctor.

Foods to eat while consuming metaformin

  • Carbohydrates: Consume brown rice and whole wheat pasta.
  • Fiber:  Eat high-fiber foods. Try to eat at least 25 grams to 30 grams of fiber  every day.
  • Cholesterol: Go for skim milk instead of whole milk it really works for you.
  • Fats:  You should also consider them while following this plan. It helps you to stay healthy.
  • Fish: This is another food there for you and helps you to lose weight. Try to have fish at least two times in a week because it is good for your heart and boosts your overall health.